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What to see in Madrid?

Madrid, a vibrant city, the epicenter of culture and history in the heart of Spain. Founded in the 9th century, Madrid has evolved from a small Arab fortress into the majestic metropolis we know today.

The Puerta del Sol, the city’s epicenter, is a perfect starting point. Here, the Clock of the Casa de Correos sets the rhythm of time while statues and fountains bring this energetic space to life.

The Plaza Mayor, with its Baroque architecture, tells stories of markets, events, and celebrations throughout the centuries. It is a place where bustling activity blends with architectural majesty.

The Royal Palace, the official residence of the Spanish monarchy, stands elegantly in the city. Its rooms, filled with opulence and art, narrate the history of kings and queens who have left their mark.

The Puerta de Alcalá, the old city entrance, is an iconic monument that has witnessed political and cultural changes. Along the Paseo del Prado, museums such as the Prado Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza tell the story of art in Spain.

The Retiro Park, an oasis in the midst of urban hustle, invites you to stroll through its gardens, enjoy the lake, and rest under the shade of its centuries-old trees.

Today, Madrid is a city that merges its rich history with the vitality of the present. Its streets, squares, and monuments bear witness to the evolution of a city that remains a cultural and cosmopolitan beacon in the heart of Spain. In every corner, Madrid unfolds its charm, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its diversity and vibrant history.

Suggested itinerary for the day trip in Madrid

Meeting at the Hotel Our tour begins with a meeting at the comfort of your hotel. A private guide, passionate about history and knowledgeable about the most exclusive corners of Madrid, will be at your disposal throughout the day.

Puerta del Sol Start the day at the iconic Puerta del Sol, where our guide will immerse you in the rich history of this place. Enjoy the exclusivity of having an expert share the stories behind every detail.

Plaza Mayor Continue to Plaza Mayor, where the majesty of Baroque architecture will be revealed through anecdotes and curious facts provided by our personal guide.

Panoramic City Tour Enjoy an exclusive panoramic tour of Madrid. Our guide will accompany you to the most iconic places and offer unique perspectives of the city.

San Miguel Market Delight your palate at the San Miguel Market, where our guide will guide you through the most exquisite flavors of Madrid’s gastronomy. Taste select tapas and exclusive culinary experiences.

Royal Palace Explore the imposing Royal Palace with our expert guide, who will take you through luxurious halls and private gardens, revealing unique stories about royalty.

Art at the Prado Museum Immerse yourself in the vast art collection of the Prado Museum with our guide, who will highlight masterpieces and offer you an exclusive visiting experience.

Return to the Hotel Conclude this day in Madrid with a private return to your hotel, ensuring that every moment has been unforgettable. Our commitment is to offer you an exceptional experience, where exclusivity and comfort intertwine throughout your visit to the Spanish capital.

*Remember that this itinerary is just a proposal where we show you the most visited places in the city. It can always be adapted to your preferences, including or changing any point of interest you desire. Our tours have the flexibility that the client requests!

Learn a bit about the history of the capital of Spain, Madrid

Madrid, a canvas in constant evolution, where echoes of the past resonate in every alley and square. Founded in the 9th century as an Arab enclave, Madrid has witnessed the rise of empires and the transformation of small villages into a vibrant metropolis.

Its foundations intertwine with the history of Al-Andalus, when walls erected by the Muslims protected the fortress they called Magerit. With the Reconquista, Madrid passed into Christian hands, but its urban profile barely glimpsed the greatness that awaited it.

It was in the 16th century, when Philip II moved the court to Madrid, that the city began to forge its destiny as a political and cultural center. Iconic constructions, such as the Royal Palace and Plaza Mayor, were erected under the shadow of this boom.

The 18th century marked a significant change with the arrival of the Bourbons. The Gran Vía, the main axis of the city, was traced, shaping an architecture that embraced neoclassicism and European elegance.

During the Civil War, Madrid became a symbol of resistance. The scars of the conflict are still appreciated in its streets, reminding of the struggle and resilience of its inhabitants.

Today, Madrid stands as a cosmopolitan metropolis, where modern skyscrapers coexist with historic buildings. Its museums, such as the Prado and the Reina Sofía, treasure the art that has flourished on its streets.

Walking through Madrid is strolling through the centuries, where each corner tells a story, each alley whispers secrets of a past that has left an indelible mark on this constantly moving city. Madrid, where yesterday and today converge in an eternal dance, remains a silent witness to the richness of its history.


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