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Guided half-day day trip to Carmona from Seville


What to see in Carmona?

Discover the charming Carmona on our guided half-day Tour from Seville or any other city. Immerse yourself in the historical and cultural richness of this Andalusian city, where Hispanic, Islamic, and Roman influences intertwine in a captivating journey.

Our passionate local guides will take you to Carmona’s most iconic places. Admire the imposing Alcázar de la Puerta de Sevilla, explore the Roman ruins of Carmona, and stroll through the charming Barrio de Santa Cruz.

In our exclusive private tour, you won’t just discover monuments; you’ll also dive into authentic experiences. Delight in local gastronomy at iconic places, discover typical craftsmanship, and be amazed by the most fascinating corners of Carmona.

Live an unforgettable experience as you explore the treasures of this historic city. Reserve your private tour now and enjoy an exclusive day tailored to your preferences in Carmona, a witness to centuries of history and culture!

Remember that we can also organize your Tour to Carmona from Granada, Malaga, or other cities in Spain. Embark on this unique journey with us and discover the magic of Carmona in half a day!

Proposed half-day itinerary in Carmona from Seville

    1. Departure from Sevilla or other cities:
      • Early departure from Seville to Carmona in comfortable transportation for an enjoyable journey. Pick-up will take place at the Hotel or a nearby, previously agreed-upon location.
    2. Alcázar de la Puerta de Sevilla and stroll through the Barrio de Santa Cruz:
      • Visit to the Alcázar de la Puerta de Sevilla to explore its fascinating architectural features.
      • Stroll through the charming Barrio de Santa Cruz, capturing the essence of its narrow streets and squares.
    3. Light Lunch:
      • Taste local dishes at a recommended characteristic restaurant.
    4. Roman Ruins. Optional:
      • Visit the Roman ruins for a historical experience.
    5. Historical Center:
      • Walk through the historical center, highlighting key points such as squares and churches.
    6. Return to Sevilla:
      • Board the return journey to Seville or the chosen city, concluding the half-day visit.

    Tip: This half-day itinerary allows you to explore the best of Carmona in just a few hours. Ideal for those who don’t want to miss the essence of this picturesque town. Reserve now and enjoy a brief but memorable experience in Carmona!

A bit of history you will discover on your half-day tour to Carmona from Seville

Carmona, with a rich and varied history, stands as a tangible testament to the civilizations that have left their mark on the Iberian Peninsula. Founded during the Bronze Age, its strategic location along trade routes made it a coveted settlement.

Roman presence in Carmona solidified in the 3rd century B.C., and the city thrived under Roman rule, evidenced by archaeological ruins that have endured to this day. With the fall of the Roman Empire, Carmona became part of the Muslim caliphate in 716 A.D., marking a new phase in its evolution.

During the Islamic era, Carmona experienced cultural and architectural flourishing. The construction of the Alcázar de la Puerta de Sevilla and other structures reflects Muslim influence in the city’s architecture. However, in the 13th century, the Christian Reconquista led by Fernando III of Castile returned Carmona to Christian hands.

The city continued to play a significant role in later historical events, such as the War of Spanish Succession and the Napoleonic invasion. Carmona’s architecture, from its imposing walls to its churches and squares, is a melting pot of styles spanning from Roman and Arab to Gothic and Renaissance.

Today, Carmona attracts visitors with its historical charm, cobblestone streets, and well-preserved monuments, serving as tangible evidence of centuries of history that have shaped this Andalusian city.


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