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Guided half-day day trip to Italica from Seville


What to see in Italica?

Explore the magnificent Roman city of Itálica on our guided half-day tour from Seville or other cities. Immerse yourself in the historical essence of this ancient enclave, where Roman remains intertwine with Spanish history.

Our passionate local guides will lead you through the most iconic places in Itálica. Witness the grandeur of the Roman amphitheater, delve into history at the ruins of the Roman baths, and admire Roman architecture at the amphitheater.

In our exclusive private tour, you won’t just explore monuments but also live authentic experiences. Delight in the fascinating ruins of Itálica.

Embark on an unforgettable experience as you uncover the treasures of this historic city. Book your private tour now and enjoy an exclusive journey tailored to your preferences in Itálica, witness to centuries of history and culture!

Remember, we can also organize your guided half-day from Granada, Malaga, or other cities in Spain. Join us on this unique journey and discover the magic of Itálica in half a day!

Half-day itinerary proposal for Italica from Seville

  1. Departure from Seville or other cities: • Departure from Seville or meeting point towards Itálica.
  2. Visit to the Roman Amphitheater: • Exploration of the impressive Roman Amphitheater, one of the largest in the Roman Empire.
  3. Ruins of the Roman Baths: • Tour of the ruins of the Roman Baths, immersing yourself in the daily life of the time.
  4. Visit to the Amphitheater: • Admire Roman architecture at the ancient Amphitheater of Itálica.
  5. Return: • Board the return journey to Seville or the departure city, concluding the half-day tour. Tip: This itinerary allows you to discover Itálica in just half a day. Perfect for those seeking a historical and cultural experience. Book now and experience the magic of Itálica in just a few hours!

A bit of history to discover on your half-day tour Itálica from Seville

Itálica, the cradle of emperors and a Roman enclave on the Iberian Peninsula, astonishes with its fascinating historical curiosities. Founded in 206 B.C. by the Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio, known as the African, as a retreat for veterans of the Punic Wars, this ancient city has witnessed momentous episodes.

In its splendor, Itálica was home to two illustrious Roman emperors: Trajan and Hadrian. Trajan, born in Itálica in 53 A.D., ruled the Roman Empire from 98 to 117 A.D., expanding its boundaries to their maximum extent. His successor, Hadrian, also born in Itálica in 76 A.D., left his mark on history with the construction of the famous Hadrian’s Wall in Britannia.

The Roman Amphitheater of Itálica, one of the largest in antiquity, hosted grand events, from gladiator battles to theatrical performances. Its capacity to accommodate over 25,000 spectators attests to the magnificence of the city.

Additionally, Itálica houses remarkable Roman baths, offering a unique insight into daily life in antiquity. Exquisitely preserved mosaics and architectural structures reveal the sophistication and refinement of Roman culture in the city.

Exploring Itálica is a journey through time, where every stone tells a story of the greatness of Rome and the enduring legacy of this historical gem today.


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