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Day trip to Morocco from Seville


What to see in Morocco?

Embark on a captivating experience with our day trip to Morocco from Seville or other cities. Immerse yourself in the magic of Tangier, a vibrant city that blends the richness of its Arab, African, and European heritage. Accompanied by our passionate local guides, discover iconic places such as the Medina, the Kasbah, and enjoy panoramic views from Cape Spartel and the Caves of Hercules.

On our exclusive private day trip to Morocco, you will not only explore monuments but also immerse yourself in authentic experiences. Delight in exquisite Moroccan cuisine at iconic locations, discover local craftsmanship in the souks, and be enchanted by the authenticity of daily life in the Medina.

Enjoy our day trip to Morocco from Seville or any other city, embarking on a unique journey with our meticulously designed guided tour, led by our local guides who are knowledgeable about the most fascinating corners of this historically and culturally rich city.

Live an unforgettable experience as you explore the treasures of Tangier. Book your private tour now and enjoy an exclusive day tailored to your preferences in this city that has witnessed a unique fusion of influences over the centuries!

*Additionally, you have the option to visit other cities such as Tetuan, known for its Andalusian architecture, and Chefchaouen, the “Blue City,” famous for its picturesque blue streets.

Remember that we can also organize your tour to Morocco from Granada, Malaga, or another city in Spain. Embark on this unique adventure with us and discover the magic of Morocco in an unforgettable day!

Proposed itinerary for our day tour to Morocco from Seville

Morning: Journey to Tangier from Seville

  1. Departure from Seville: • Early departure from Seville, crossing the provinces of Seville and Cadiz while enjoying the landscapes.
  2. Arrival in Tarifa: • Arrival in Tarifa and transfer to the port to board a fast ferry bound for Tangier.
  3. Ferry Crossing: • Boarding the ferry for an approximately 50-minute crossing to Africa.

Midday: Discovering Tangier and Typical Lunch 4. Panoramic Vehicle Tour: • Upon arrival in Tangier, a vehicle will be waiting for us to take a panoramic tour of the city, providing us with a first impression of its charms.

  1. Exploration of the Center of Tangier: • Our guide will lead us through the labyrinthine and bustling streets of the center of Tangier, allowing us to discover the Souk and the main tourist attractions.
  2. Typical Moroccan Lunch: • Tasting a typical Moroccan lunch to savor the authentic local cuisine.

Afternoon: Free Time and Return to Europe 7. Free Time in the Center: • Free time to explore other corners of the center on your own and shop at the market if desired.

  1. Return to the Port: • In the afternoon, our guide will take us back to the port, where we will board the ferry back to European territory.

Night: Return Journey to Seville 9. Return Ferry Crossing: • Boarding the ferry for the return to Tarifa, enjoying the views as we cross the Strait at sunset.

  1. Return Journey to Seville: • Return to Seville at night, concluding a day full of experiences and the fascinating adventure of crossing continents in just a few hours.

Tip: This itinerary is designed to offer a complete experience in Tangier, from a panoramic tour to free time for exploration. Book now and experience the magic of crossing to Africa from Seville in an unforgettable day!

A bit of history you will discover on your day trip to Morocco from Seville

Morocco, with Tangier as a key point, has a rich and varied history influenced by various cultures over the centuries.

In ancient times, Tangier, a Phoenician colony in the second millennium BCE, marked its strategic importance as a port at the entrance of the Mediterranean. Conquered by Carthaginians and Romans during the Punic Wars, it changed hands.

In the 7th century, Muslim Arabs conquered it, initiating its Islamic period. During the Almohad dynasty in the 12th century, Tangier flourished as a commercial and cultural center.

In the 15th century, Portugal conquered it but later ceded it to England. During the Cold War, Tangier was an international enclave of intrigue. In 1956, Morocco regained sovereignty over Tangier.

Today, Tangier has experienced rapid economic development and modernization. It stands out as a commercial and tourist center, thanks to its strategic position and connection to Europe through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Tangier, with its unique history and special geographical location, remains a fascinating place that reflects layers of cultural and political influences over time.

*Moreover, the option to visit other cities such as Tetuan and Chefchaouen adds a unique dimension to the experience, allowing you to explore the cultural diversity of Morocco and enjoy the unique beauty of these cities in the northern region of the country. Consult us about the possibility of adding these visits to your day trip to Morocco from Seville.


The day trip lasts a full day, from the morning departure to the afternoon return, approximately around 10 hours. Our schedules are entirely flexible; remember that we can adapt the itinerary to your preferences and tastes. The option to visit Morocco could be organized with an overnight stay in one of the famous Riads in the Medina. If you wish, we can provide a budget and a more extensive calculation for your time in Morocco.

The day trip includes everything from transfers and ferry tickets to the panoramic tour of the city with a walk through the Souk and the main tourist attractions, accompanied by a specialized guide.

Our local guides offer explanations in both Spanish and English to ensure that all participants enjoy an informative and engaging experience. Do you have a preference for a particular language? You can suggest it to us.

From pick-up, complimentary transfer to Tarifa, ferry tickets Tarifa – Tangier – Tarifa, specialized guides, and the return to the city or a previously agreed-upon location.

Lunch is not included in the package, but we will provide free time for you to enjoy local cuisine in recommended restaurants. Additionally, if you wish, we can dine together to recommend the best local dishes and ensure you don’t miss anything.

The transfer is done in a private vehicle with all amenities. The departure and return are organized from the accommodation or the nearest accessible location possible. You can always propose a different meeting point, and we would coordinate between both parties. It includes ferry tickets Tarifa – Tangier – Tarifa.

Yes, the day trip includes moments of free time, especially after lunch, for you to explore at your own pace and enjoy additional experiences.

Our itinerary is designed to cover the most iconic places, but you can always adapt it to your preferences. In the contact section, you can propose your changes, and remember that among our recommendations to discover Morocco, there are other sites to combine, such as the option to visit Tetuan and Chefchaouen (Blue City).

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and footwear, sunscreen, a water bottle, and, of course, your camera to capture special moments.


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