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Day trip to Portugal from Seville


What to see in Portugal?

Embark on a fascinating experience with our day trip to Portugal from Seville or other cities. Discover the coastal and cultural beauty of this Portuguese region as you explore iconic places with our passionate guides.

On our private tour, immerse yourself in the authenticity of southern Portugal, where Portuguese heritage blends with Arab and Mediterranean influences. Visit charming fishing villages, stunning beaches, and enjoy authentic experiences that go beyond the monuments.

Our guides, knowledgeable about the history and culture of the region, will lead you to uncover the best-kept secrets of southern Portugal. From the bustling marine life in local markets to the ancient fortresses along the coast, every corner reveals a unique part of the rich history of this region.

Book your private day trip now and dive into an exclusive journey tailored to your preferences. Explore the treasures of southern Portugal, where every alley tells a story, and every corner invites you to enjoy authentic Portuguese life.

Remember that we can also organize your day trip to Portugal from Granada, Malaga, or another city. Join us on this unique adventure and discover the magic of southern Portugal in an unforgettable day!

Proposed itinerary for our tour to Portugal from Seville

Morning: Discovering Fishing Villages and Coastal Views

1. Departure from Seville:

• Early departure from Seville or other cities, enjoying the landscape during the journey to Portugal.

2. Visit to Tavira, Santo António, and Monte Gordo:

• Explore Tavira, a charming city with a well-preserved old town, a meandering river, and a Roman bridge. Also, visit Santo António and Monte Gordo, enjoying local authenticity and coastal views.
Noon: Local Gastronomy and Coastal Fortress

4. Lunch in the Region:

• Enjoy a traditional Portuguese lunch at one of the cozy regional restaurants.

5. Monte Gordo Beach:

• Optional: Free time to relax on Monte Gordo Beach, with its golden sand and crystal-clear waters.
Afternoon: Exploring More of the Border Region and Optional Route

6. Additional Exploration:

• Visit other picturesque places in the region, such as traditional villages or nearby points of interest.

7. Optional Route or Trail:

• Participate in a route or trail in the area, discovering the natural beauty of the region.
Sunset: Return to Seville with Unforgettable Memories

8. Return to Seville:

• Embark on the return journey to Seville, carrying with you the unforgettable memories of a day exploring the authenticity of the Portuguese border region, including the option of a route or trail.

Tip: This itinerary offers an optional route or trail for those who wish to explore the natural beauty of the area. Book now and join us for a unique day full of discoveries and adventures!

A bit of history you'll discover on your day trip to Portugal from Seville

The border region between Spain and Portugal, marked by the proximity to the Guadiana River, has a rich history dating back centuries. During the Roman era, it was part of the province of Lusitania, leaving a mark on the architecture and the Roman road network. With the arrival of Muslims in the 8th century, the area experienced Islamic influence during the caliphate of Cordoba.

The Christian Reconquest in the 13th century led to the conquest of cities like Tavira. In the Age of Discoveries, the region, strategically located near the sea and the river, played a significant role. In modern times, the area was the stage for conflicts such as the Napoleonic wars and the Spanish Civil War.

Today, the region is known for its rural charm, beautiful beaches, and a unique fusion of cultural influences. Cities like Tavira retain their historical architecture, while places like Monte Gordo attract visitors with their coastal landscapes. The history of this region is intertwined with crucial events that have shaped the Iberian Peninsula, creating a destination that combines cultural richness with natural beauty.


The day trip lasts a full day, from morning departure to afternoon return. It is a quite flexible excursion in terms of schedules, given the range of cities we could visit, and considering you can also add a trail to explore the coastal area at your own pace.

The trip covers the visit to cities of interest in southern Portugal, adaptable to the tastes or preferences of our clients. This excursion has the particularity of being quite broad in visit options; consult us in the contact section so we can recommend according to your wishes.

Our local guides offer explanations in both Spanish and English to ensure that all participants enjoy an informative and engaging experience. Do you have a preference for a particular language? You can suggest it to us.

From pick-up, complimentary transfer, and entrance to the detailed monuments with a guide, to the return to the pre-agreed point.

Lunch is not included in the package, but we will offer you free time to enjoy local cuisine in recommended restaurants. Also, if you wish, we can have lunch together to recommend the best local dishes and ensure you don’t miss anything.

The transfer is done in a private vehicle with all amenities, and the departure and return are organized from the accommodation or the nearest accessible location. You can always propose a different meeting point, and we would coordinate between both parties.

Yes, the trip includes moments of free time, especially after lunch, so you can explore at your own pace and enjoy additional experiences.

Our itinerary is designed to cover the most iconic places, but you can always adapt it to your preferences. In the contact section, you can propose your changes.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and footwear, sunscreen, a water bottle, and, of course, your camera to capture special moments.


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