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Cordoba & The Mosque

Like Sevilla, Córdoba was a city of great importance in the past thanks to the presence of the River Guadalquivir. It was the capital of the Roman province Baetica, and of the Independent Emirate and Western Caliphate Umayyad later, when it became the religious, political and administrative center of the Western Islamic kingdom. These are the moments of greatest splendor of its history.

While being the capital of the independent emirate of Al-Andalus, it began the construction of what would be the greatest monument of the city, the Mosque, where Muhammad’s arm was said to be preserved, so it became a place of pilgrimage for Muslims. Its sacredness was only exceeded by Mecca and visiting it absolved worshipers from the obligation to make the pilgrimage to Arabia. Currently, however, it belongs to Córdoba Diocese and is known as the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady.

On the other hand, Medina Azahara is located just 7 kilometers far from Cordoba, and consists of the remains of a beautiful palace built outside the medina during the caliphate. This place is an inexhaustible source of legends due to the rich materials used in its construction.

Its Muslim past can also be appreciated in the traditional architecture of courtyard houses and the streets layout of the historical center, which was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO together with the Mosque.

Since 1921 a contest is celebrated in which the owners of these houses adorn their homes with beautiful pots and flowers that fill with color their white walls. It usually takes place in May, when the city really becomes a paradise of scents and colors.


Daily departures (on reservation) from Seville.

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Estimated time of departure: 9:00 a.m..

Approximate length of visit: 10 hours.

* Special rates for children under 12 years old.

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What to see in Cordoba?

Mezquita, Medina Azahara, Puente romano, Templo romano, Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, Torre de la Calahorra, Sinagoga de Córdoba, Plaza de las Flores, Patios de Córdoba.

Where is it?

Kilometers from Seville: 142,7 Km


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Córdoba 37.888175, -4.779383