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Cadiz & Jerez

Cadiz is considered the oldest living city in the West. More than 3000 years of history contemplate it and was coveted by Phoenicians, tartesios, Iberians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Christians.

This city played an important role in historical events such as the Punic Wars, the romanization of Iberia, the discovery of America, the establishment of the liberal regime in Spain with its first constitution “La Pepa” and its subsequent influence on the former Spanish colonies.

We can point many things in Cádiz, among which we must stand out its beaches, which all Andalusia admire. It is said that the city of Cádiz and Havana bear some similarity in its boardwalk. On this walk we can see how the sun illuminates the golden dome of the Cathedral built in the eighteenth century.

Among the beaches of Cádiz, La Caleta beach is one of the most famous ones, where the fishing boats sleep between two castles, Santa Catalina Castle (S. XVI) and San Sebastián Castle (S. XVIII), which are both ancient forts whose mission was to defend the city and magical places where the sun hides every afternoon leaving one of the most beautiful sunsets ever seen.

Another great idea is eating some “tapas” in La Viña or El Pópulo neighborhoods, or visiting the Falla Grate Theater, which was built in memory of Manuel de Falla, a Spanish composer born in Cadiz.

Jerez de la Frontera is the capital of the province of Cádiz and is famous for its wines and horses. Jerez has the world’s largest reserve of Carthusian Spanish horses, famous worldwide for its beauty, strength, nobility, power and elegance.

It is also a land of vineyards. Many wineries are located in this area by the peculiarity of its climate and land, which makes it impossible to reproduce this type of wine called Sherry elsewhere in the world.


Daily departures (on reservation) from Seville.

Pick-up point: your hotel / guest house / apartment.

Estimated time of departure: 9:00 a.m..

Approximate length of visit: 10 hours.

* Tickets for vineyards & Horse Show included.

* Special rates for children under 12 years old.

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What to see in Cadiz&Jerez?

Puerta a tierra, Gran Teatro Falla, Catedral de Santa Cruz de Cádiz, Teatro romano de Cádiz, Monumento a las Cortes de Cádiz, Oratorio de San Felipe Neri, Cárcel Real, Castillo de San Sebastián, La Caleta, Alameda Apodaca, Balneario de la Palma y del Real, Playa de Santa María del Mar, Playa de la Victoria.

Horse show, Cellars.

Where is it?

Kilometers from Seville: 123,2 Km


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Cádiz 36.527061, -6.288596

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